Grain, Agricultrual, Industrial or Mineral Drying Systems

Dryers can be designed in the following manner:

Batch Solutions

Custom solutions for each material. There is no issue we have not been able to surmount with the right configuration. Dry Max can find the right way to remove water from sawdust, sand, or something solid like protein (putty-like) without overheating. We have to reinvent the 'cage' or dryer to suit our wave energy.

- In all designs, we aim to achieve MODULAR, EFFICIENT, LOW HEAT, and QUALITY aspects to the process.

Dry Max

Continuous-flow Solutions

Our FLOW THROUGH dryer can dry grain/biomass in various configurations of large or commercial scale systems:

TOWER DESIGN enables vast amounts of grain or biomass to be dried in a controlled amount per hour.

- Similar to current tower dryers, grain is pumped to the top and gravity keeps material moving to the bottom auger or belt.

- Dry Max technology pushes water molecules out of the center of grain, then low energy fans push the moist air away.

- A phone App monitors the process, so up-to-the-minute results can be seen while in the field.


Multiple design styles take material from a higher moisture state to desired %.  Airflow is most important to remove released vapor, thus ducting or permeable conveyor belts can be chosen

Modular  approach means highly accurate and even drying.  This also means it has the ability to add more volume later without all the install costs.

Variables and sensors give better insight into efficiencies so that the process is more intelligent than traditional systems.

New Drying Solutions for 2021

Rice, Barley, Soybean, Wheat, Other Seeds

New Drying Solutions for 2022

  • Alfalfa
  • Manure
  • Begasse, Wood Pulp, Other Biomass
  • Food Processing - proteins
  • Municipal Drying - Sludge, waste, trash
  • Industrial Materials
  • Minerals - coal, fly ash, frat sand...
  • Agriculture waste
Dry Max

If you have an industrial, processing, or field drying need, please call a representative who will be happy to work with your industry.


Industry Disruptive Firsts

  • 1 NO CONTAMINATION - Dry Max eliminates contamination from combustible fuels entering the food supply. Propane gas is embedded in cracks in grains during heat drying.
  • 2 NUTRITION SAVED - Most nutritional value in grain or food is lost using high heat methods. Our gentle process reduces breakdown, retaining ALL nutritional value!
  • 3 QUALITY - Volatiles are exhausted in heat fumes causing food producers to use unnatural additives. Volatiles such as taste and smell are kept.
  • 4 PRESERVATION - Grains immediately begin to rot after harvest due to mold, bacteria, insects, and moisture. Our process kills living matter. No more mold, mildew, insects, or other forms of loss. Long storage times.
  • 5 PREMIUM PRICES​ - Farmers lose revenues due to many post-harvest grain maladies. Expect higher revenue from better quality products. The market will reward farmers for drying with Dry Max.
  • 6 GERMINATION - Seed providers see results. Higher seed germination due to lower temps. Dry Max technology shows a 98%+ germination rate.
  • 7 LOWER COSTS - Propane drying cost is $.20-40/bushel. Dry Max drying cost is $.04-.08/bushel.
  • 8 FAST HARVEST - Crops left in the field to dry are vulnerable to mold, weather, and insect damage. Typical losses are 2-4% of crop per week left in the field. Harvest immediately into holding bins to eliminate losses.
  • 9 EFFICIENCY - Bottlenecks, wasted trips, grain moving, storage issues. Dry Max Lowers cost of transport, grain moving - increases farmers net.
  • 10 NO CO2 POLLUTION, NO PROPANE SHORTAGES - 1.4 Billion gallons of propane are used to dry grains annually. The electrical platform reduces risk from volatile Propane supply.  Dry MAX seeks to eliminate all forms of pollution.